Boeing B737NG

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The Simulator



Fly the most-produced passenger jet airplane with control horn and a fantastic 220-degree panoramic view! Before the flight, you will get a detailed briefing by trained commercial pilot. The instructor then acts as your co-pilot during the flight. The fixed-base simulators are fully instrument- visual airworthy and thus offer numerous options in terms of routes, flying to airports, different weather conditions up to simulate engine failures. It requires no previous knowledge.

The Cockpit



Instrumentation allows the use of the normal flight operations of the Boeing B737 NG such as planning and flight performance through FMS (Flight Management System) and MCP (Multi Control Panel), as well as simulating the most common EICAS procedures. It is also possible to program the most common Failures (Engine Out, Engine Fire ...).
The user can decide by mutual agreement with the organization centre an IFR flight session starting from a "cold and dark" situation from an airport with the possibility to choose also the real or customized weather.


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The simulator is aimed primarily at pilots and students who need to learn and refine the use of IFR procedures, replicate failures and review flight procedures for exams or assessments.



Tel. +39 379 164 3081

Venice (Italy)

San Donà Di Piave, 30027

Via Monte Popera n.12



Monday - Friday 09:00 - 18:30

Saturday 09:00 - 17:00





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