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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

there are no minimum requirements to book a session on our flight simulators. However, we recommend a height of at least 1.45 m and a maximum of 2.00 m. A body weight of 140 kg must not be exceeded in order to guarantee sufficient movement possibilities in the cockpit. Under the age of 16, the consent of the parent or guardian is required.

What are the requirements for flying?

No, you will receive a description and detailed information on the cockpit before the start of the flight. Your personal trainer will sit by your side throughout the flight on one of our airliners.

Do I need Flight session experience?

Of course! you can be accompanied by a person who will be able to take a seat in the flight simulator. Other people can wait in the "virtual" airport (waiting room) and follow your session through a monitor.

Can I bring a relative, friend or family?

We recommend comfortable clothing.

What clothing do I have to dress?

No problem. You can choose from an economic session the amount of hours you want to do, our instructor will guide you from start to finish starting from a basic approach of instrumentation and flight. Tailor-made courses can be offered.

How can I choose the session that suits me even if I have never even flew a simulator on a PC?

It's your choice! You can choose between the A320, the first civil aircraft with "fly-by-wire" digital control or the long-lived MD80 with real controls!

Which simulator can I book?

A flying experience starts at EUR 90. The price then rises on the basis of duration and flight experience. For all the details, please consult the Prices & Reservations page

How much does a flight session cost?

You can book your flight session on the Prices & Reservations page, via email, or by contacting us at +39 3357083005/3292216051

How can I book a flight?

In airliners you can choose the seat of the First Officer on the right side or the captain's seat on the left side. On special request, you can take a seat for two in the cockpit and use both seats. Once you are comfortable with the flight technology and instrumentation, you can control the simulator independently. Of course you will also be supported during the flight by your instructor.

Can I sit and maneuver the simulator myself?

Of course yes. See the dedicated page

Do you offer gift certificates or coupons?

Certainly yes, we will be happy to make you have a detailed offer without commitment. See the dedicated page.

Can the center be rented for special events?

Of course, if you have special requests, we can customize the flight and airports in the areas of your interest. There are many airports all over the world (more than 20,000) and the most important are reproduced in a very faithful way.

s it possible to request a flight on "measure" ?

Our offer also includes the sale of high quality simulators. We will be happy to advise you in detail and provide you with a personalized quote.

Can I buy simulation products from you?

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