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MC Donnell Douglas MD80



The Simulator

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How many of you have flown as passengers on board the legendary "eighty" in the years when Alitalia was serving in Italian and international routes. Maybe someone also had the opportunity to enjoy the flight sitting in the cabin in the cabin with the pilots, but for others it remained and will remain only a dream. From today this dream can become a reality! you could be the protagonists of a take-off or landing by touching parts of a real McDonnell Douglas MD80 aircraft coming from Texas (USA). The long and meticulous work of interfacing the real instrumentation with the Flight Simulator will allow you to be tupilot for a day at the controls of the liner that has made the history of aviation with a high degree of realism.

The Cockpit



The flight simulator consists of the cockpit of a 1: 1 scale EFIS digital MD80 complete with instruments and flight controls. The entry of the aircraft has been recreated for a greater sense of immersion even before entering a cockpit equipped with a 220 ° panoramic screen that reproduces the virtual reality. The vibrations in take-off taxiing, trolley, flaps, spoilers and turbulence are also replicated. The simulator works on the Prepar3D platform with the use of Maddog Leonardo Pro proprietary hardware and software.The accurate details of the photoreal scenarios and the airports will allow you to admire the places where you have already flown in reality.


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It is open to all flight simulation enthusiasts who want to experience the experience of flying with the Maddog.
Through communications with the ATCs of ivao you can simulate an IFR line from one departure airport to another of destination, perform some procedures on a specific airport and with real or particular weather. Students can also prepare a flight briefing by communicating the route in advance and planning all flight procedures.


People who have no experience or for a gift idea will be joined by qualified technical personnel.

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Tel. +39 379 164 3081

Venice (Italy)

San Donà Di Piave, 30027

Via Monte Popera n.12



Monday - Friday 09:00 - 18:30

Saturday 09:00 - 17:00




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