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At our center you can choose the flight simulator session based on your needs. They are provided by choosing between the various packages: Economy, Business and First. From here you can book your flight session online, choosing the date and time. As soon as we receive your preference, we will send you the acceptance.


Economy Pack (40 minutes)
It is the excellent approach for those who have no experience or who are approaching the world of aviation and want to experience the thrill of being at the controls of an airliner. After a good description of the aircraft and its flight systems, a take-off and landing at an airport of your choice will be attempted.
Price: Eur 80

Business Pack (1-hour flight)
It is a 1-hour flight session that includes a brief initial briefing to familiarize yourself with the cockpit of the aircraft. During the hour, our staff will show you the commands and the flight instrumentation, as well as a small taxiing for the runway and the immediate take-off, you will try to make some turns in flight and landing.
Price: Eur 110.00

First Pack (1 1/2 hours of flight)
For those who have already acquired a certain flight experience or to improve their piloting skills as well as deepening in-flight issues concerning the flight. During the session, you can actually simulate what the pilots do in reality or make a scheduled flight from a departure airport to an arrival airport starting from a "Cold & Dark" situation setting all the parameters like the flight plan, calculate the fuel, board passengers and be allowed to leave. During the section, you will have the possibility to set the parameters for the approach and try the landing. You can choose to attempt to approach the most dangerous airports in the world.

Price: Eur 150.00

Professional Pack

The following packages refer to pilots with a commercial pilot's license or line license or to practitioners and / or attendants of the flying schools sector. It allows the rental of simulators on training, review of procedures, tests for selections at airlines for a minimum of 5 hours to be used in multiple flight sessions.

The lessons will be planned before their execution directly with our Personal Trainers and according to their needs.

Price pack 2 hours Eur 200.00

Price pack 3 hours Eur 270.00
Price pack 5 hours Eur 440.00
Price pack 10 hours Eur 650.00


If you need assistance from a TRI instructor pilot the extra cost will be Eur 40 / hour.


Packages are not binding. By contacting the center, you can schedule sessions to suit your needs.

You can also always be accompanied by friends or family with up to two people who will be entitled to sit in the passenger seat at no extra cost.


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