Simulator Replica and full Cockpits

FSC - Flight Simulator Cockpit is a young company that is headquartered in mainland Venice - Italy by the passion for the virtual world aviation. Its intent is to design and reproduce avionic and aircraft parts for the recreational use of flight simulator.

We produce panels, hardware, avionics, cockpit and flight deck simulators do any plane in flight as closely as possible on the basis of drawings and photos from.

Our staff has designed and produced in a professional whole parts of most cockpits of commercial aircraft cabins with reproductions of entire Flight Deck Solutions dedicated to training with tutor (Full Cockpit Set), professional two-seater cabins (Standard Cockpit Seat) cars, or even for the home cockpit (Cockpit Single Seat). We carry out projects on request, support the hardware required to run a simulated flight professional (MCP, Overhead, FMS systems) with aircraft components or reproduced with real aircraft parts taken out of old aircraft.

FSC - FlightSim Cockpits is proud to be able to offer a complete solution for all your aviation training needs. Offers not only the hardware components and avionic parts, but also intelligent systems for connecting all components such as our IO board.